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tv   The Chris Matthews Show  NBC  February 3, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EST

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ith a 2-year agreement. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. and some people found that a little bit strong. but as soon as they tasted blonde roast, boy they were on board. ♪ >> this is "the chris matthews show" -- >> ask not what your country can do for you. >> tear down this wall. chris: taking it to the street. barack obama is going to town on -- and taking a page from ronald reagan's second term. and for a man called the great communicator it was historic tax reform. for obama, real steps toward gun safety. and the hegel hearing reminded
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some of the first debate. and finally, super bowl sunday. i've got some new rules. i'm -- i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, howard fineman, the bbc's katrina, annie lowrey and michael duffy. first up, barack obama sees a path to history on guns and immigration at this point two weeks into his second term. this is when he's strongest and he's taking his case to the country over the heads of washington. in reagan's second term when he wanted to chalk up sweeping tax reform, look how he did it. >> the lack of enthusiasm for tax action in correct me if i'm wrong -- congress hasn't dampened this presidential road show. from hot and sunny florida he travels next week into new england, believing this grass-roots effort will make the difference in congress the
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>> the first weeks of his second term had the feel of a campaign event. chris: michael, this is interesting, the old go over the heads of the people. but these are really two tough issues. it's not like fixing the tax code, which changes all the time. you go after immigration, pathways to citizenship, and then the real issue of voting for gun control, which would -- could change your political career. >> this is the overture of a year-long process. they all degree on the broad couldn'tures but -- contours but when the rubber meeds -- meets the road, the issues like how many people can you actually bring? how many years to pay back your taxes? how big will the fines be? chris: and, howard, when are you going to shut down the border? and how long before republicans
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agree you have shut down the border -- border and now can do the liberalization of immigration. >> that's the single biggest issue because the way it's set up to -- you have to secure the border first. but i don't think they have nip choice but to go to the old-fashioned way. that's the way congress works. congress has turned into a saltalamacchiaering house for any progress whatsoever. the only way to get things done is to build pressure from the outside. president obama is determined to do that. he took his communications advisor and made him his senior vfer. -- advisor. he's going to run it like a campaign the chris: let me ask a skeptical question. does the president want to do it or does he want for hispanic votes? to do it, he has to put real teeth into it like checking work
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permits. does he want the bill or the issue? >> the bill would help him even more than debating the bill and not gethd it with hispanics. i think it's a win-win. if he really wants hispanic votes, getting immigration reform, fighting for it would be good but nothing like as good as getting it. the big question on gun control, even the debt, is really whether the silent center of america decides it's going to speak up on these issues. chris: this issue polls really weak in congress, down in single digits the it's with bugs. you know? it's really bad. when he goes up and runs against them it should be fairly easy to say these guys aren't so great so tell them what to do. >> and i think you've seen this about-face from the white house, that for months and months and months barack obama ran against congress when he won re-election and now he's trying to work with them. there has been something like a
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mood of amity in washington and for folks facing re-election from 2014 the political pressures are are going to be very different than for barack obama, who is not running again, right? but i do think he wants to they can -- check this one off. >> i also think that 9 republicans really want to get something done here. chris: off their backs. >> on immigration. chris: and gun safety, the new term of art now. the member of congress can sit home and he or she knows exact lib the gun situation in their districts more than the president knows. >> in the case of background checks, deep background checks, there is something like 90% support for that. studies have shown when presidents get out there and try to bring to washington and understanding that the people out in the country already have, in other words when he's not changing minds but chanepping
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energy -- chris: which is there because of this. >> he can get it done on background checks. the rest, the n.r.a. is too strong. chris: and when we talk about if he gets something done it's this year. the time is now. >> the most likely thing is background checks on gun control. there is a lesson here out of new york. gomp cuomo's approval numbers have fallen by double digities it's going to be whether the 90% of the people that actually want the checks will stand up and make sure that they don't give our local congressman a really hard time -- chris: katty had a good point coming in here. there are a few places, i was think, that you are safe on gun control, california and the new york, but you're right, cuomo's
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numbers have crumbled. >> if you talk to them, the price is very, very high and the measures they're talking about, they're saying that it won't do enough. it won't stop gun violence -- chris: even joe biden said this week you're not going to do much but it's something. let's check the numbers here the can probe beat the n.r.a., a blunt question, by take the issue to the people? half the meter, six say yes. an additional four say yes as to back grounled checks alone and two say no. duffy? >> i think the ice is cracking on that. you could hear it and see it this week when the republicans did not take on gabby giffords, which was i'm sure a ream tempting opportunity. i think he -- you see a change on that issue the on the other issues they're not going to win the chris: i'm interested in the moderate democrats these days,
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which is the people from nonliberal states. north dakota, montana, west virginia. >> this is the ultimate test, the war between the inside game, the most inside inside game, the n.r.a. which takes contributions and support from all around the country and focuses it like a laser -- versus the president -- cuomo lost all his support across upstate new york with that action because all of upstate new york, they're a deer hunter. any blue state or any purple state, most democrats are not going to want to take on the n.r.a. except if they can carve out this thing on background checks. chris: it really doesn't influence your ability to have a gun -- >> and as katty says, unless
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everyone on the other side becomes as superbly organized as the n.r.a. is -- >> and says i'm going to put the money behind it -- [all talking at once] chris: the gun people think about nothing -- i have a brother like this -- they don't say oh, let's do climate change now. no, they stick with their guns. add -- and now hegel, he took a battering. almost like he needed a witness protection program. they smacked him around. where does he stand? >> historically 99% of the president's picks on the cabinet would get through so it would be extraordinary if hegel dez -- doesn't get through because of his positions in the past. yeah, this was a peak policy but this was not a test of whether chuck hell -- hegel is fit for the job. it was theatrics. chris: i thought they didn't
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find the imagine ig bullet. >> yeah, and i think there is increasingly a feeling there is going to be a filibuster, that hegel is not going to win confirmation. chris: who says he gets through? >> he has 55 senators on the democratic side solid. on the republican side, one at the moment. i think he'll get four. >> i think mitch mcconnell will decide for himself whether he wants to pick the first fight with the re-elected president over this -- chris: 55 votes? >> i any $think it depends on what is known and said over the next week or so. a filibuster is a possibility. not a likelihood. i think they need more evidence. if they've got something, put it on the table. chris: so if the shoe drops this week -- >> and the president needs to back him up, too. chris: hillary clinton did something big this week. she ended her tour as secretary
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of state. e showed off her skill, carefully and pleasantly stepping aside from every reporter's attempt to find a window into her presidential stantd. i tried that on the hard ball tour. >> will you be running for president in 2004? no. are we done? chris: will you be running for president in 2008? >> you know, i have said the same thing to everyone, to every important public figure and commentator. no one of your stature, however, has ever asked me this question. unfortunately, you're going to get the same answer. i have absolutely no plans -- chris: i have no plans to go to hawaii in 2008 either, but i might go. you still haven't answered the question. up want to leave it at that? >> that's absolutely where i want to leave it. chris: that's the way hillary
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clinton is when you are talking to her. she's very nice. let's look at the guys at "saturday night live." >> many people believe if you declared right now you would be the democratic front runner. are you in or out? >> chris, i don't know how many times i have to say this, i am absolutely, positively beyond the shadow of a doubt not running for president. probably. lefevour- -- [laughter] . >> so you're running? >> definitely not. maybe. [laughter] >> so there's a chance? >> chris, for the last time, no, no, no, no -- maybe. [laughter] >> you're about as hard to read as jessica simpson's autobiography. chris: when we come back, it's the super bowl, that national holiday when men lie around and gorge themselves. i've got som
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chris: welcome back. the super bowl's become a national holiday which has picked up steam over my lifetime to the point where it's at -- almost as big as thanksgiving. and it's the same kind of day actually. a day for the men to stay home and rule and to eat a lot. how about some new rules? announcers do not center so did to say football in every sentence on super bowl day. "that guy can really throw the football. this is football weather. coming up, more football weather. " look, we can see what we're watching. to quote the raven, nevermore. and two, give the play to the
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players. and if it's a wipeout, tell us the score if it's a close game. >> do not control -- allow anyone other than a man to control the remote. it's the one day that it's ours. chris: you want to look at the women and say that's what it is about? >> my rule is everybody in howard's house needs to go find the remotes and hide them noy! chris: and great now movie, silver linings plybook, that's -- has a be football element. it's about how fathers and sons relate watching. >> i want you to watch the game with me. i'm not superstitious. >> oh! >> you see that? you are meant to be here. this is special. everything happens for a reason. that's why you came home.
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embrace it. crikes -- chris: maybe it's a phillies thing but when you sit down and watch the eagles, everything in the room matters, like praying. if somebody walks out to go to the bathroom, you're going, oh you blew that play. >> if you are watching the game, you cannot be allowed to talk. you have to be quiet and watch it. but i think it's bigger than thanksgiving, chris. chris: howard fineman in >> when i watch football i look at it differently than a few years ago because our son played in high school and college. chris: played at wash u? >> yeah. and he got a pretty serious concussion and he quit and he said if he has a son who -- would he allow him to play football? he said, dad, if the game is still around, it's going to be
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very, very different the helmets today have 12 little shock absorb eshes in them. if you have to have that, there say serious problem. chris: are they hitting harder? >> the athletes are bigger, he faster, the collisions speeds are beyond what the human cranium was znd for. think -- i think everybody aware of it. the game is requesting to shay but my son said after freshman year after the concussion, that was it. >> every time they do try to change it and fine them for hitting other players, the viewers say we like it like it is, we like the fast-faced games. and we're training machines now, in every sport. many i just think there is such an incentive financially to carry on with big ratings and games that are unfortunately getting more and more dangerous. chris: i think injuries on the field are part of standard
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practice now. it's like getting fights out of hockey. >> one concussion rules and you're out of that sport. because it's head-to-head, it's harder here. it's why the nfl is trying to get rid of certain kinds of kickoffs and run becomes. the moms in the country are beginning to say maybe not for my kid. >> and the nfl, the professionals, thep understand and assume the risks but talking about grade high school and high school, there is a lot of concern out in the country right now. the game is going to have to change. chris: going to have a close game or wipeout? duffy? >> close game. big score. >> i'm there just for beyonce actually. i have no idea. >> as long as i'm controlling the remoment chris: ok.
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chris: welcome back. 40urd, tell me something i don't know. >> senator claire mccaskill who won re-election in missouri because he spirituality -- she put money in the the campaign of a tea party opponent, she's going to try to lead an effort to do the same thing in the 2014 senate races, looking for -- chris: like in kentucky? >> yes. on the republican side but also to defend sitting democrats on the democrat side. . look for them all over the country. chris: katty? >> there is a great new book coming out on hillary clinton. she's the only reporter that's been with clinton at the state department. -- chris: that's -- what's her name snrk >> kim gatters. the name of the book is "the secretary." chris: tough or positive? >> she asked her if -- what have you learned in your four years
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that you wish you had known in the 2008 campaign and hillary clinton said she's become a much better communicator with people. >> something i didn't know which is that whitney houston's version of the national anthem, one of the best, was charted after september 11 was precorded. not live. >> and so was the show. tell me something i don't know! mine is in march, the sequester, the $1 trillion one-year across thed board cut is going to happen. everyone knows it. themself four opportunities later this year to undo it. chris: will it hurt the comble? >> no. because they have four opportunities to undo it. chris: when we come back, joe biden will be very much inside. chris: when we come back, joe biden will be very much inside. is
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it doesn't matter if you're walking around the block, to work, to school or on this thing here. you'll take all the right steps the more you know
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chris: welcome back. hillary clinton officially left the state department this friday which brings us to this question. if she runs for president is she better off out there in the country than joe biden, who is still very much part of president obama administration? howard? >> yes. although hillary as an outsider say tougher sell but she might as well give it a try. chris: i'm going to think about that. katty? >> listen, the unemployment right 5% and economy booming, joe biden will be able to claim credit for it. barring, that hillary clinton is better whether she's inside or outside. chris: hillary clinton regardless of where she is is a stronger candidate with a bigger built-in base. >> the two of them are a dream ticket outside and inside. the political fantasy there is if they're elected twice, joe biden could be vice president for 16 straight years. chris: is that legal? >> yeah, it is the chris: thanks for a great round
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